We take utmost care about the packages purchased by our customers from Nerd Herdz. We always endeavor for 100% customer satisfaction regarding the Nerd Herdz Services. But, if sometimes things go wrong or in the unlikely event related to the Nerd Herdz Services, kindly contact us anytime and discuss about your experience with us. We are always trying to make our Services better so that we can serve you with the best.

And we commit a mistake, we want to set that right. You can opt-out or cancel our Services at any time. Just call us and our Customer Care Executives will make you aware of the process. In case you’re just seeking more information, have a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about Nerd Herdz refund and cancellation policies?


“Can I Downgrade My Membership?”

Of course yes! In case you find that your existing service level doesn’t suit your requirements, you can get in touch with us at your convenience to explore alternative plans. “I’m canceling because my PC is damaged.”

Wait! Just because your PC hardware has completely “given up the ghost”, there is no need to cancel your membership. Here’s the way. We are happy to halt your membership for you until you buy a new PC. In this way, there is no need to pay setup fees again, and you can proceed to enjoy the benefits of Nerd Herdz services.


The terms and conditions for Nerd Herdz Services and Plans are subject to revise, alter, change, terminate or upgrade with no prior notice. Nerd Herdz reserves the right to end any service at any time without providing any prior notice.


Nerd Herdz is authorized to modify, cancel, or expel the Service when we observe that the customer is making use of our Services in unlawful way, presenting offending or offensive content, violating the rights of privacy and publicity or civil rights of other, defaming third party or entity or publishing harassing, threatening or intolerant material.


In case Nerd Herdz is not able to provide you with accurate resolution to your issues or if you are unsatisfied with our service, then you can request for a full refund of money within 30 days of subscription. We assure 100% money back guarantee only if we are not able to fix your technical issues related to your devices within the promised time.


You can send your complaints to us via an e-mail at support@nerdherdz.com within 30 days of work done. Otherwise, you explicitly renounce any ability to dispute the quality of service or decline to make payments for our Services and other fees. We will start working on your complaint as soon as possible to fix the issue. Any or all complaints which are not resolved will be fixed on priority basis.


If any feedback occurs or any payment issue takes place from your payment channel i.e. the ATM card or bank you used, then your plans and consequent projects are subject to indefinite suspension without any prior notice. Any and every fees are to be paid in full amount, for your service and / or project to be continued. Reach out to us for the declaration of any billing issues.


The payments you made for the earlier months are basically non-refundable. The client is allotted with a Nerd Herdz account and authorized a prearranged amount of online resources planned by the company, consisting but not restricted to server space and add-in services.

Using the benefits is depended upon the client but not using a benefit that comes with client’s subscription plan is not going to facilitate the client with a refund and it has to be paid in full for any disruption.

If the payment is due then the cancellation rules will take action after a specified period of the payment period. Although, payments made in advance for the services of the company can be opted for cancellation by the client within the contract termination date, in that case a refund will be awarded for the months left in the plan.

For add-ins and other free products included in the contract made between the client and the company, the charge of the above mentioned products are accountable to be accustomed in the amount refunded.