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Privacy Protection Commitment

Wipranik Enterprise LLC is committed to safeguarding your privacy while providing our tech support services. We encourage you to periodically review this statement as it may change from time to time at our sole discretion.

This Privacy Policy statement explains the gathering of personal information and its use by Wipranik EnterpriseLLC. Any questions concerning your personal information should be directed to our Privacy Officer by e-mail at

Customer privacy is the first priority at Nerd Herdz. We are really concerned about the issue of privacy and have structured our activities in a secure way to maximize your control over the disclosure of your own personal data. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, use and disclose your personally identifiable information, which we urge you to read carefully.

By making use of our Website, talking about our technicians and representatives and utilizing our other services as well, you consent to our Privacy Policy. We may revise the terms of this Privacy Policy anytime by posting modifications to the Website and your continued use of our Services signifies your consent to the changed terms.

So, we urge you to read this Privacy Policy from time to time and if you don’t agree to the terms of this policy or any changed terms, please stop visiting our Website or using our Services right away.

Any queries regarding your private information should be directed to our Privacy Officer by e-mail at

The Information This Website May Collect

With your approval, this Website may collect, save, and make use of your private information. This information is used by us to contact you regarding the product and/or Services you have bought/requested. This incorporates renewal/re-registration popups, service calls, surveys to enhance our Services and special offers.

Personal Identifiable information

This Privacy Policy provides a detailed overview of how Nerd Herdz gathers, utilizes and reveals your personal and other submitted information. When you provide any information to our representatives or technicians via the Website, chat session, phone call and/or email, you consent to our information usage as mentioned in this document.

You may even ask for a copy or send a revision to your private data that is obtained by us, by getting in touch with our Privacy Officer via e-mail at

Payment Information

Nerd Herdz does not save the details of your credit card or other financial data. PayPal and are used by us as the payment gateways and all of your information is secured on their servers. They complete the payment processing in their own special way to protect your information, making sure the ultimate protection.

The Purpose and Use of the Information Collected

We collect the information to serve our customers with the best possible Services. We make use of this data for lawful business operational and marketing purposes, which incorporates:

  • Processing queries and orders
  • Offering and improving our customer service
  • Fixing technical problems
  • Conducting market research surveys
  • Making our Website and Services better
  • Contacting users/clients whenever needed
  • Making familiar you with information regarding products and Services that we provide and/or to send you updates that you might be interested in, such as: service plans, and/or product or service alerts (unless you have specified that you do not want to get such popups). You may unsubscribe from getting update or marketing e-mails by having a specific communication with us or sending an e-mail us at
  • For security, validation, archiving and backup and customer service purposes which will help in making sure the security of the products and Services offered.

Your information, whether personal or public, will not be exchanged, sold, stored, transferred or shared to any third-party for any reason whatsoever, without your agreement.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies

This Website utilizes cookies, web beacons and other tracking technologies to collect and use your information. A cookie is nothing but a small text file which gets stored to your PC whenever you access certain websites. These cookies are used by us to find out recurring visitors and encourage continued Website visits.

Moreover, cookies also facilitate the Website to track user internet-usage behavior to enhance the service as well as targeted advertising. Almost every web browser enables you to handle your cookies including how to remove them and whether to accept them or not. You can change the settings of your browser to send a notification you each time when you received cookies. Alternatively, you can also block the cookies via browser settings if you want. However, it is worth notable that if you reject cookies, some of the websites may not load properly or will work inappropriately whenever you browse through websites online.

Tracking technologies may keep the record of the following information:

  • Internet Protocol (IP) addresses
  • Date and frequency of access to the Website
  • The Internet domain and host names
  • Clickstream patterns
  • Browser software and operating system types
The IP address is a unique number which is automatically assigned to your PC when you access the internet on it. And the network server is a gadget that offers the webpage and can find out your PC on the basis of your IP address.

Apart from this, the Website may also make use of “tracking tags” technology. Also, these can be said as transparent GIF pictures or web beacons. It helps the Website understand the accessed pages by users in a simpler way. The tracking tags are intended to optimize and personalize the Website for you as well as other customers.

The Website may even utilize tracking technology to record visiting information about its users or customers. This helps us to boost the promotional achievement and marketing performance of the Website. Additionally, the Website reserves the right to make use of customers’ IP addresses and other tracking technology to find out the customers to make sure compliance with our Terms and Conditions, secure the Website as well as customers/users and when the law and other regulations require.

Diagnostic Tools and Remote Access

Nerd Herdz employs online diagnostic tools which may collect a vast array of useful information regarding the state of a client’s computer system and applications. The data is communicated over the internet to Nerd Herdz using security technologies. Then this information is analyzed by Nerd Herdz to diagnose and resolve end-user issues. The Nerd Herdz diagnostic application is not meant to collect personally identifiable information.

The technicians on Nerd Herdz may require customers to permit remote access support. Customers who consent remote access support provide technicians to take control of their computer/system. This enables the technicians to analyze and fix issues in a remote manner. Nerd Herdz technicians are well trained in the use of this software and we take steps to limit access to private or confidential information saved on user computers and/or networks.

The Information and E-Mails the Website May Send You

E-mail and Information

Once you visit this Website or any of its Services, the Website may utilize your information to send e-mails or push notifications to your gadget. Nerd Herdz sends message popups to its customers through an e-mail regarding its services, notice of scheduled services, new improvements, etc. Our customers may opt-out of getting this information by sending us an email at

Other Service-Related Announcements

If essential, the Website/Company will send you announcements or notifications (for example: notifications of some suspended services because of system maintenance). You can’t unsubscribe from such non-promotional and service-related popups.

External Links

The Website may include access to links which can lead you to third-party websites operated by a related third party or the Website itself. Nerd Herdz is not liable for any action and/or any third party policy. It is recommended you to review the third parties’ applicable Privacy Policy through the webpage of third parties.

This Privacy Policy is applicable only to information collected by the Website, not to Services offered to you directly by third parties and/or to information you give directly to third parties. The Website is not responsible for any use of your personally identifiable information by any such third party.

Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Website may frequently revise the terms of this Privacy Policy. The changes constitute a part of this Privacy Policy. This Website will send you a notification of amendments to the Privacy Policy by either webpage notification, e-mail, or any other effective mechanism, before the amendments become effectual. In either case, if you continue to use the services on this Website and/or the Website in any way, it is considered that you agree to all of the modified terms of this Privacy Policy.

Contact Information

Still having any queries or comments about our Privacy Policy? Please contact our Privacy Officer by e-mail at: